ACFC Founding President Zhang ZhengQuan (C.C. Chang) and BBQ Global Summit Forum founder Jason Lin (Lin Yaoxian)

Main theses:

- "Large-scale joint investment projects are ahead. We have almost completed the preparation of our proposals for Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and a number of heads of regions of Russia. I see the key to success not only in my direct participation in the work of the BBQ Baikal Export Center, but also in the personal proactive position of many heads of large Russian enterprises" said the co–founder of the BBQ Baikal Export Center, president of the American Chinese Friendship Council (ACFC) & BBQ Global Summit Forum Lin Yaoxian.

Irkutsk bakery starts industrial supplies to China

Irkutsk Bakery CJSC has concluded the largest long-term export contract in its history for the supply of high-quality "0" polluted bakery and confectionery products to the People's Republic of China. The contract amount reached 2 billion rubles.

Main theses:

- "Today we all have a big holiday. With the participation of the BBQ Baikal Export Center, we signed the largest contract for the supply of the best products with "0" pollution from Russia. Together with our Russian partners, we will continue to expand cooperation with Chinese retail chains. It is important that other leaders of the Russian food industry are ready to follow today's contract. In the near future, we will be ready to sign the first memoranda on the creation of the most modern joint ventures. I thank Sergey Karakich, Ivan Bykov, Sergey Mozulev and all employees of the Irkutsk Bakery for constructive cooperation and outstanding results" said Mr. Lin Yaoxian, co-founder of the BBQ Baikal Export Center, President of the American-Chinese Friendship Council (ACFC) and the BBQ Global Summit Forum


Irkutsk Bakery CJSC is the largest manufacturer of bakery and confectionery products in the Baikal region and one of the oldest food industry enterprises founded in 1936. Every year Irkutsk bakery receives the highest awards at regional and All-Russian competitions in the field of product quality

Baikal Export Center (BBQ Baikal Export Center) is an international export support institute, including non–primary exports, which has united large Chinese companies that guarantee to Russian exporters sales of their products in China.